All Slipping, No Sticking

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Ultra-luxury lubricant to help avoid sticky situations. No more pain during play or dry, uncomfortable situations. For a smooth and enjoyable ride for both you and your partner.

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Get Ready For A Wild Ride

For all bodies and all kinds of play - with a texture as luxurious as your holy grail beauty products.

Here's to tension - without a lick of friction. Super Slip & Slide ensures smooth sailing from start to the big finish.

Apply anywhere and everywhere during play. No need to reapply for hours.

Lube Made For Ultimate Comfort

Our silicone-based Super Slip & Slide lube is designed with premium ingredients found in luxury skincare. It's silky, but not greasy, and it doesn't get sticky, so you can get back to getting wet and wild.

Vella Super Slip & Slide

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Your trusted bedside sidekick, always at the ready to ensure smooth sailing. Hypoallergenic, non-irritating, and non-comedogenic silicone creates a toe-curling glide that never dries out so there's no need to re-apply. Meanwhile, skincare hero squalane moisturizes and soothes by preventing water loss.

How to Enjoy: Apply anywhere and everywhere for an enjoyable ride.