Surprise her with Vella

and make sparks fly

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Step 1:

Gift your partner Vella

Step 2:

Have your partner apply Vella (or go wild applying it for them) leading up to the big event.

Step 3:

Make sparks fly!

99% pure nano-encapsulated hemp, phospholipids, thickener, propanediol, vitamin C, sodium ascorbate, phenethyl alcohol, water.

Our promise:
Clinically tested. Cruelty free. Parabens free. Sustainably sourced. Responsibly packed. Vegan.

Yes, our formula is safe for use in oral play.

The real world response rate for Vella is two out of three women. In our post-purchase survey of 150 women, 74% reported satisfaction with Vella.

Whispered praise, or so loud that the neighbors hear.

It’s not just rave reviews. It’s proven too.

Vella Bioscience conducted a study in women volunteers aged 23-75. When using our serum, 9/10 women reported an improvement in the Big O.

60% felt an increase in feeling "in the mood"
50% enjoyed an increased ease of the Big O
60% experienced an increased intensity
40% reported an increased frequency of Os
40% reported increased satisfaction