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Bliss Awaits

As we get older, the big O can be a little more elusive.

Come with Vella

Our award-winning serum relaxes your muscles to help you achieve the big bang. *pun intended*

Whispered praise, or so loud that the neighbors hear.

It's not just rave reviews. It's proven too.

Vella Bioscience conducted a study in women volunteers aged 23-75. When using our serum, 9/10 women reported an improvement in the Big O.

60% felt an increase in feeling "in the mood"
50% enjoyed an increased ease of the Big O
60% experienced an increased intensity
40% reported an increased frequency of Os
40% reported increased satisfaction

99% pure nano-encapsulated hemp, phospholipids, thickener, propanediol, vitamin C, sodium ascorbate, phenethyl alcohol, water.

Our promise:
Clinically tested. Cruelty free. Parabens free. Sustainably sourced. Responsibly packed. Vegan.

Yes. Our serum works locally and will not interact with any medications.

In our post-purchase survey of 150 women, 74% reported satisfaction with Vella