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Your pleasure. Never a privilege. Always a priority. Your pleasure. Never a privilege. Always a priority. Your pleasure. Never a privilege. Always a priority.

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Vella Women's Serum

$52 $65

Pencil yourself in. Schedule off your partner’s afternoon. Say hello to the first serum proven to effectively enhance feminine bliss. Our proprietary formulation delivers directly where it’s needed to amplify every O. No more questioning, doubting, or disappointment—satisfaction is yours to own.

How to Enjoy: Apply three pumps, 15-25 minutes before play. Lasts for 2 hours. Enjoy solo. Or together. But always, enjoy safely.

Vella Super Slip & Slide

$19 $24

All slipping, no sticking. Our silicone-based Super Slip & Slide lube is designed with premium ingredients found in luxury skincare. It's silky, but not greasy, and it doesn't get sticky, so you can get back to getting wet and wild. No more pain during play or dry, uncomfortable situations. For a smooth and pleasurable ride for both you and your partner.

How to Enjoy: Apply anywhere and everywhere for an enjoyable ride.

Vella Women's Elixir

$22 $28

Liquid gold for the V - made for women of all ages and life stages to supplement the body’s natural wetness and improve comfort during play. Vella’s Women’s Elixir ensures play is never grating and always gratifying. By increasing and retaining hydration at the molecular level, Vella Women's Elixir is here to ensure comfort and bliss.

How to Enjoy: Apply during play - solo, with a partner, or with a toy - to relive dryness on contact and enhance your comfort.

Whispered praise, or so loud that the neighbors hear.