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Turn up the heat this holiday season with the gifts that keep on giving. Our sets combine our top products, designed to help you have more fun during playtime.

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Your pleasure. Never a privilege. Always a priority. Your pleasure. Never a privilege. Always a priority. Your pleasure. Never a privilege. Always a priority.

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“There's been a few moments where I was getting a little nervous what may happen if the orgasm was as power as the man is loving the fact I am into the moment.”

“This stuff does the trick! We experimented a couple times and found that after application 40-45 minutes was the magic number to wait.”

“She didn’t feel different at first but once she applied her favourite toy she came both quicker and stronger and they kept coming!”

“But the product itself is luxurious and comforting. The fragrance is very light like spring hyacinth. But how it interacts with my body is mind blowing.”

Double Bliss Set

$140 $115

Our Double Bliss Set features two jars of our first love: Vella Women’s Serum, packaged sweetly in a custom canvas tote. Vella Women's Serum is designed to relax your muscles and help you achieve more frequent and more intense Os. For some holiday *not so* silent nights.

Endless Bliss Set

$115 $90

Our new Endless Bliss Set features the best of both worlds: One jar of Vella Women’s Serum and one jar of Vella Women’s Elixir, all wrapped up in a stylishly silky carrier case. Vella Women's Elixir is made with hyaluronic acid to supplement the body's natural wetness and improve comfort during play. Perfect for those heated moments under the mistletoe.

Whispered praise, or so loud that the neighbors hear.